Old Organs for Young People

The Elbe-Weser region and especially Stade is considered to be one of the most important organ landscapes in the world. This abundance is to be presented and brought closer to young people, too.
The Orgelakademie offers to introduce children and adolescents from kindergarten until their graduation at school to the organs in the region. They will be given the opportunity to discover the structure, functioning and technology of the organ, to gain an insight into its inside and to listen to numerous tone colours of the instruments and to North German music. In a playful manner the history of music and art as well as the local history, physics and mathematics will be included.
Interested children will be offered the chance to play the instruments under guidance.

There are following offers for adolescents, kindergarten groups, school classes, confirmands and other groups:

  • Guided organ tours between 30 and 90 minutes
  • Accompanied field trips to organs in the region
  • Support with the planning and carrying out of school projects on the subject of the organ
  • Construction of the Doe-Orgel in the classroom
  • Individual promotion of particularly talented children and adolescents
  • Organ concerts
  • Organ courses

Annegret Schönbeck – artistic member of staff of the Orgelakademie Stade since 2006 – is responsible for planning and carrying out these offers.