Building an organ together: this is possible at the Orgelakademie Stade as we bought a “Doe-Orgel” in the Netherlands, that was designed for the project “Orgelkids” and has become popular in the whole world. A class can build an operative organ using the 127 individual parts in two boxes. When the construction is finished, everybody can try to play the instrument. In two lessons building and playing the instrument will bring pupils closer to the organ and a visit at the organ in the church should not be missed out, too.

Everything about the Doe organ, movies, an assembly guide and more can be found in the following video and here.

For organists in the Elbe-Weser region it is possible to lend the Doe-Orgel. The hire charge is 45€ per construction, a rental deposit of 100€ will be repaid when the Doe-Orgel is returned undamaged.