Organ Suitcase

To illustrate the functioning and tone colour of the organ to children and adults, the Orgelakademie Stade has developed the organ suitcases in cooperation with the organ builder Gregor Bergmann. These suitcases help to playfully discover the instrument.

They contain all the materials used in organ building. An operative miniature bellows makes pipes of different families of pipes sound, you can play different sized stoppered pipes yourself, Plexiglas makes it possible to take a look at the functioning of a reed pipe and a measure to show the length of a foot, a wind-gauge etc. introduce into the secrets of organ building. Each set contains two suitcases.

On request the organ suitcases can be lent for a donation in the Elbe-Weser region.

Instructions on how to put up the suitcases can be found here.